2081 Channel Module

channel_stripEach inline 2081 channel module has two independent paths, CHANNEL path and MONITOR path. Multiple inputs can be selected for each path. The Channel path is controlled by a fader, and the Monitor path is controlled by a rotary. The Channel path is normally used to process audio to or from your DAW, and the Monitor path is normally used to listen to the return from your DAW or effects processors.

You will notice that the multiple inputs for the Channel path can be cycled through at the top of the module using INPUT, when no LEDS are active, the input is set to Line. The Channel path output fader is at the bottom of the module. The controls for the Monitor path can also be found at the bottom of the module, just above the Channel Path Fader.

Two stereo and three mono Auxiliary Sends can be sourced from the Channel or Monitor path (pre or post fader) by depressing the level control.

The EQ found on the 2081 channel module offers the classic sonic flavour of the 1073, with the functionality of a 1081. The output amp is based on the BA283, single ended, class A circuitry with a gapped core transformer, as used in the 1073 and 2254 Compressor. The recreation of the circuitry sees the same sonic qualities as the original, heralded as eminently ‘musical’, whilst a far cleaner and quieter signal through the redesign of the BA338 amplifying stage has been achieved.