Customseries75 Software 3.0 is here!

To All Customseries75 Owners

We are excited to announce the release of Version 3.0 of our Customseries75 software.
This update contains many much anticipated features, including updated scene-memories and solo modes (SIP, AFL, PFL and SIF).
Our online manual has been adjusted to reflect all of the features contained in Version 3.0.

The software will be free of charge to all current Customseries75 owners and dispatched in two stages:

1st week of May 2013 for all console with less than 32 channels
2nd week of May 2013 for all consoles with 32 or more channels (additional hardware upgrade required)

Detailed instructions for installation will be published on our website shortly. For help and support contact or go to our online service centre. To ensure seamless shipping we would appreciate a confirmation of the latest shipping addresses.

Sunny greetings from Byron Bay,

Your Customseries75 Team