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Select channel & master section positions

Channel & Master Section positions

Drag & drop the blocks below into the preferred order:

  • 1-8
  • 9-16
  • Master

Producer's Panel

The Producer's Panel is effectively an extra Channel Bin (48.8cms wide) with blank panels in the place of Channels. The Producer's Panel may be positioned anywhere within the console and may act as a space for take sheets, a laptop, or a computer monitor. Regardless of your purchased frame size, this will increase the total width of the console by 48.8cm per panel

PLEASE NOTE: this configurator lets you add one producer's panel. To order 2 or more panels, you can add a note in the comments section of the configurator.

Optionally you can add a narrow producer's panel (325mm width). Please contact us for details.

Number of channels

You can order the Custom Series 75 with empty bins if you're planning to add channel strips at a later stage.

Select your timber finish


Please contact us if you have special requests for timber.

Premium timbers: the top & sides are solid timber (not veneers). Sides are 32mm thick. Premium timbers are subject to availability.

Select the type of leather for the armrest

All leather options used for the hand rest are highest quality & custom fitted by S(A)X Leather in Byron Bay.


Please contact us if you have special requests for leather.


You can add or remove the master section compressor. The two on-board 2254 mono compressors are based on the classic 2254 series originally released in 1969.

If you want to use a console stand, please add it here.

Do you need a backup power supply (recommended for broadcast use)?

16-32 channel frames use one power supply and 40-64 channel frames need two. Adding a backup power supply for 16-32 channel consoles will give you a total of 2 power supplies (40-64 channel consoles will need 4 power supplies).

Add redundant sharer box?

16-32 channel frames need one sharer box and 40-64 channel frames need two. This is needed for automatic switching of power supplies in case of failure.


Add 2 genuine Littlite 12G-LED lights plus 2 powered sockets on the console.

Standard length for the cable is 5m. If you need a 10m cable, please select this option.

Insert Point

The default insert point position is pre-EQ and can be changed by the user (see manual for details). You can choose the default setting before the console is shipped to you.

Rack Mount options

Add a rack mount:

Note: Adding 2 Rackmounts has been disabled because you have selected a frame larger than 40 channels. If you would like to add 2 rackmounts to larger frames, please add a comment to your order and we will get back to you.

This will come with ten blank 1U panels (incl. cage nuts), envisioned for housing outboard gear. Regardless of your purchased frame size, this will increase the total width of the console by 48.8cm per rackmount

Patchbay options

We offer 2 customised patchbay options:

Please note that all patchbay options are custom made and are not included in the final price.


If you would like to further customize your order, please write your comment below.

Submit & request a quote

A flat non-refundable deposit of $US5000 for any sized console is required to secure an order's position in the production queue.